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Hello, I’m Esperance Ndombe and Welcome to Black 2 Afri.

Hello there, and welcome to my blog called, “Black 2 Afri”. I’ve been holding back creating this blog site to express my opinions and feelings toward our beautiful African people living all over the world. Before, I get more in-depth about what my blog is all about.

I want to introduce myself to ya’ll first. My full name is Esperance Ndombe, but my family & friends call me, Espe. It sounds like, “SP,” literally. If you watch the professional sports award show called, “the Espys” sounds like that but not spelled that way. I’ve been living in California for 9 years now. Originally coming from New Hampshire since 2011. I moved out of New Hampshire because I wanted adventure in my life, and I didn’t want to settle in the New England area. I looked into AmeriCorps and thought it was a good opportunity to move out of New Hampshire. That’s how I made my way to California.

I started my master’s in digital marketing in 2016 at Concordia College, Bronxville, NY. An online graduate program in digital marketing that taught me to dig deeper into the digital marketing industry. How much the industry has evolved is very impeccable. The connection between business and service has risen with its customers because of digital marketing, software, and technology. I finished my last grad classes in the fall semester of 2019 and graduated officially in May 2020.

I’ve been working in digital marketing throughout my graduate program to create my digital creative agency. My mission is to work and connect with small/local-businesses to integrate digital marketing strategies into their business initiatives. Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been working as a freelancer for clients who need digital marketing for their projects. I’m grateful for myself in going this direction for my master’s education. I am engaging more in the local/small-business realm and seeing myself grow more into my business professional career.

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Black 2 Afri is part of my race identity side project that I’m doing for myself and my people in the African diaspora. I hope to help change how we speak about ourselves in Black, how we write in Black context about our race of people, and how parts of the African diaspora identify with Black identity. I’m here to challenge and speak from the heart about our African identity, even if you were not born in Africa.

The context of this blog is directed toward Black-Americans who identify with Black. I want this blog to turn into a center of our race identity conversation, hopefully. Even though I was born in the United States of America from two Angolan-Congolese people. I don’t see myself, talk about myself, or write about myself in the Black context because I don’t see myself as a color race; rather, a mixed-nationality race.

I am excited to be writing this blog about how I feel the people who identify as Black within the African diaspora, including the following: the United States of America, the Caribbeans, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Brazil, parts of South America, Europe, and Africa. These are countries with high populations of Africans living in these lands but may identify with Black without giving African a first-thought.

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I will be researching scholars’ papers on our race identity, African-American history, West African history, Afri-culture, food, entertainment, and lifestyle. I will be analyzing and writing throughout this blog. Eventually, I will be creating video content for this blog, hopefully starting in August 2020.

I am here for my people. I am here because I want my people to take pride in saying their African, even if they were not born in Africa. Because the Black identity was given by the British people who speak English. In their context of who our people are (Black) versus the new British-Americans (White). I hope to help you love you for being African/Afro, taking pride, honoring your ancestors, and learning to appreciate your African identity.

Follow Black 2 Afri as I dive into Black race identity to help you realize you’ve been African all-along living in the United States of America. As a society, we need to utilize our words to describe people’s race toward nationality description. This targets White and Black people because of our race mentality of how we see, talk, and write about ourselves is still in the context of color.

Discovery the beauty of your African ancestry. You will be filled with cultural heritage richness, beauty, love, and identity.

Esperance Ndombe

AfriEspiritu / AfriEsprit / AfriSpirit / AfriEspirito

Hey ya'll, My name is Espe Ndombe, currently residing in Aromas, CA. I work in the culinary and the digital marketing industry. Right now, my career is heading toward full-time work in digital marketing. I'm building a digital ad agency called Earthian Digital Marketing. The mission is to target small businesses and develop digital marketing strategies & techniques to elevate the business profits and awareness. I love to cook West African food, American food, Italian, and Chinese food are my favorites. I'm hoping to create a West African food pop up event next year. Besides being a cook, I love to dance, watch action/comedy/drama movies, gardening, and having a good time on planet Earth.

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