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How Black and White Americans Are Masking True Racial Identity

In the United States of America, Black and White Americans are the only race group of humans still stuck in the past with racial identity. It’s not a coincidence that Black and White Americans still identify by colors since it’s engraved in our chaotic history. When the British came to America on cargo ships loaded with African slaves, this was the period; the Brits changed their identity to White and African slaves to Black.

One of the many acts of racism that got administered to the African people was trying to govern African lands and replacing the African identity with a color representation that’s darkest on the color wheel. Indeed, there are very dark tone Africans in the Sub-Saharan region. Just because their dark tone doesn’t mean they’re Black. It means they’re African.

In the United States of America, from the late 16th century to the late-19th century, Black and White Americans have been imprinting their race identity through signs, newspaper headlines, businesses, and conversations. This imprinting on race classification to signify to the person their skin-color is accepted at certain establishments. America psychologically trained its people to classify people by color than nationality.

The subject matter about our racial identity has got brought up numerous times by African-American YouTubers. The majority of African-Americans are hyper-focused on their Blackness or Black identity. The question is, will Black-Americans ever wake up to the fact that our race is not Black.

The same goes for White-Americans. Black and White-Americans are masking their true racial identity.

Are we ever going to evolve from color identities that don’t even match our skin tones?

We need to face the truth about who we are as human beings; to heal ourselves from the chaos instilled in us from war, slavery, segregation, and discrimination perpetrated by British-Americans onto African-Americans.

The truth of matters is that Black people are not Black. We’re Africans!
The truth of matters is that White people are not White.

They’re of English descendants, meaning they come from England, Northern Ireland, Wales, or Scotland, aka The United Kingdom.

The racial identity problem in the United States has to come to terms with knowing the truth about ourselves. I feel that modern-day, White-Americans, would not call themselves, British-Americans because they weren’t born in the United Kingdom. Even if their DNA links to England. The new identity from British to White-Americans is how they wanted to identify their race of people.

However, the matter is that White people are not White even if they named themselves that color. They’re so bloody English! It’s the only language they speak. I’d reckon White-Americans should identify just as an American. Plain and simple.

Just say: “I’m American” if you know your Scottish, Irish, Welch, or British.

Here’s how it goes:

“I’m Scottish-American. I’m Irish-American. I’m Welch-American. I’m British-American.”

For Black-Americans stuck on their Black identity. Use African Ancestry to link your DNA to Africa. Then transform how you identify yourself.

Here’s how it goes:

“I’m Nigerian-American. I’m Ghanaian-American. I’m Togo-American. I’m Benin-American. I’m Cameroonian-American.”

Black-Americans, it is your birthright to know your African identity.
It’s seriously not that difficult at all.

If we speak good English, we can easily say these race terms in our daily speech, in our writings, and how we see ourselves, it’s coming to the truth with our identities that we’ve been lying to ourselves for far too long.

I understand there are layers of racism than just racial identity. My fight with racism against Black and White identity stops the color from referring to each other. We should strive to heal our past wounds of social tensions by oppressive forces through acknowledging the truth.

Stop focusing on the color and focus on nationality.

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