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Who are People of Color…NOBODY!

Let’s question the term, people of color because it’s a term still circulating in African Americans and European Americans (aka White Americans). African Americans did not create the term, people of color. It was created by the British coming to America, mainly from George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The European Americans used the following identity terms for Africans: colored people, negros, people of color, and now in modern times, black.

These identity terms are coming from racist intentions to demean African identity. When you read the identity term, people of color, the context reads these people are colors. Nor does the context give you an understanding of where these people are coming from in the world of nationalities. We know from history that Europeans, aka white people, didn’t want their race to associate with other races.

African American extended family arriving in Chicago from the rural South, ca. 1920.

In the United States, people of color include African AmericansLatino AmericansAsian AmericansNative AmericansPacific Islander AmericansMiddle Eastern Americans, and multiracial Americans. However, these communities may prefer to view themselves through their cultural identities rather than color-related terminology. The term emphasizes common experiences of systemic racism, which some communities have faced. The term may also be used with other collective categories of people such as “communities of color,” “men of color” (MOC), “women of color” (WOC),[10], or “librarians of color.” (n.d., 2021).

Clearly, human beings of any nationality are not persons of color, even though past British American imperialists labeled other race groups by colors, which is racist. When an imperialist nation goes about naming other race groups’ colors, not respecting their original identity, and discriminating them for who they are is why racism exists. The sad part is how society today is still circulating this term; most media organizations and the NAACP still holds onto the label of colored people identity. The NAACP should change its name away from colored people to Afro/African people. It would look like NAAAP (sounds like N, triple-A, P). This identity term recognizes our Afro/African identity without using the past imperialist identity terms like colored people or people of color.

African Americans are not people of color, Colored People, Negros, or Black people.

We are People of African descent. We are African people living on many foreign lands in this world.

We are not colored. We are not black. We are simply Africans forgetting who we are being in America.

We should never forget where our people come from while we are dealing with systemic racism.

Replacing people of color with people of African descent creates a better identity context of who we are and where we geographically truly come from on this planet. We have the power to transform the black identity back to the African identity, from “B” back to “A.”


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