Person of African descent looking in the mirror
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Hey Black People, Have You Looked in the Mirror? (Identity Short Poem)

If our hair is black and doesn’t match our brown skin tone.

How can you call yourself black if our skin tone doesn’t check the name?

Black People say they recognize the word “black” as a noun and adjective.

Let’s talk about it.

Black people love defending a color identity that was given to them by imperialism.

The truth matters is you are not black. You are of African descent.

The truth matters is they’re not white. They are of English & European descent.

Let’s Dive In

“Hey Black People, Have You Looked in the Mirror”

Hey Black People, have you looked in the mirror?

Did you make eye contact with your dark eyes?

Did you look at your facial hair? Eyebrows? Eyelashes?

Damn, you look good, you know it!

You see your hair and facial hair every day in the mirror.

The color of your hair couldn’t be any clearer.

You know what color it is?

It’s black! Isn’t it!?

Unless you’ve colored or dyed it!

Hey Black People, have you looked in the mirror?

You call yourself black when your skin tone doesn’t match your natural hair color.

You’ve been masking your African identity by saying your black.

It’s time you understand our skin color is not our race identifier.

The imperialists took away our African identity.

Forgetting your African identity fuels the fire of amnesia

Hey Black People, have you looked in the mirror?

If your skin tone doesn’t match the name, it’s not a match

Unlearn color identity and relearn African national identities

Unlearn black and relearn African

Show it to yourself that you haven’t forgotten

You’ve always been an African living in America

From the words of Mufasa, “(insert your name here), remember who you are?”

By: Esperance Ndombe

Hey ya'll, My name is Espe Ndombe, currently residing in Aromas, CA. I work in the culinary and the digital marketing industry. Right now, my career is heading toward full-time work in digital marketing. I'm building a digital ad agency called Earthian Digital Marketing. The mission is to target small businesses and develop digital marketing strategies & techniques to elevate the business profits and awareness. I love to cook West African food, American food, Italian, and Chinese food are my favorites. I'm hoping to create a West African food pop up event next year. Besides being a cook, I love to dance, watch action/comedy/drama movies, gardening, and having a good time on planet Earth.

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