The term “People of Color” needs to EVOLVE!

Let’s question the term, people of color because it’s a term still circulating in African Americans and English-Euro Americans (aka White people). African Americans did not create the term, people of color. It was created by the British coming to America, mainly from George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The European Americans used the following identity…

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Does the African Diaspora Really Have Black Skin to Call Ourselves Black People?

I am on a mission to heal our racial identity with so-called “Black People, Black Americans, Blacks, Colored People, or People of Color” that originated from prejudiced race perception of the African race. We have questioned our identity in some communities nationally, but it’s not part of the mainframe discussion of police brutality and racism….

Why Black People Refer to Themselves As “Black” Due to Historical Oppressive Systematic Conditioning

I always ask myself why Black people are still calling themselves Black Americans. The black identity in America is continually being threatened by police officers while serving and protecting their communities. The sad reality of bad apples within the police force in America has not been healed since the first city police services were established in Philadelphia in 1751, Richmond, Virginia…

The context difference between “Black American” vs. “Afri/African American.”

I want to bring to the table to the African Diaspora, but mostly getting the attention of any person who refers to themselves as “Black” within the African Diaspora. There are African communities within the African Diaspora that still hold onto our African roots, culture, fashion, food, and identify themselves as Afro/African and not Black….

How Black and White Americans Are Masking True Racial Identity

In the United States of America, Black and White Americans are the only race group of humans still stuck in the past with racial identity. It’s not a coincidence that Black and White Americans still identify by colors since it’s engraved in our chaotic history. When the British came to America on cargo ships loaded…

How the word “Afro” is used in the USA versus in Africa & Latin America

During the 60s and 70s in the United States of America, the African-American community was diving deep into the Civil Rights Movement. In this time frame of life, many African-Americans embraced their afro to redefine personal style and appreciation of their beauty. This cultural movement marked a return to more natural, untreated hairstyles. The afro…

Hello, I’m Esperance Ndombe and Welcome to Black 2 Afri.

Hello there, and welcome to my blog called, “Black 2 Afri”. I’ve been holding back creating this blog site to express my opinions and feelings toward our beautiful African people living all over the world. Before, I get more in-depth about what my blog is all about. I want to introduce myself to ya’ll first….

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